Donate to the Billy Frank Jr. Statue and Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Forever Fund

Honoring a Legacy and Committing to Action

Together we can build the Billy Frank Jr. Statue and the Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Forever Fund

Your contribution to Salmon Defense will work to both memorialize his work and sustain action to its meaning. Billy’s statue in Washington DC will remind and inspire generations to come of his legacy as a champion of tribal treaty rights and the work of salmon recovery.  The Salmon Forever Fund sustains the intention of that legacy by continuing his work and vision through communications, advocacy, education and litigation.

We can amplify his voice through our collective voices, working  together to  Save Salmon for Our Common Future.

Today, that work is more urgent than ever before.

Our Goals:

  • Billy Frank Jr. Statue $500,000
  • Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Forever Fund $1.5 Million 

Once we reach one million dollars (we are half-way there) Salmon Defense will provide two scholarships that meet our Billy Frank Jr. Scholar objectives.

Once we reach $1.5 and beyond we will be able to sustain the Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition Communications Campaign.

Every Contribution to Salmon Defense for the Billy Frank Jr. Statue is tax-deductible.

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Donation via PayPal

Statue Donor Name and $ Tier  	 $30,000 +	 Medicine Creek Enterprises Corporation (Nisqually Indian Tribe)	 $10,000-$25,000	 Tulalip Tribes	Jamestown S’Klallam $500-$1,500	 William R. Allen	 $100-$500	 Robbi Kesler	Aya Samman Jan Olmstead	Atlas Drinks LLC Miranda Lewis	Mylea Holloway Under $100	 Shelly Wilkins	Jennifer Fontaine AJ Dotzauer	Majorie Schubert Ezra Kwon	Van Anderson Carleen Thomas	Robb Krehbiel Nancy Stevenson	Susan Pevonak Maria Mendez	Jessica Rose Patricia Weston	Shana Brown Authurn Grunbaum	Good Omen 	 Total RAISED:  $70,300.00

Donation Summary as of 4/21/2022