Can you imagine a future
without salmon?

The symbol of the Pacific Northwest gone from our waters? Forever? We are witnessing it happen due to disappearing habitat, out-of-balance predator populations and all kinds of other issues. It is dire, but not lost. 
There are solutions to fix these problems, and best of all, everyone can help. Together we have the power to protect Washington salmon for our economy, our culture and, most importantly, our kids.

The time to act is now.

Meet Our Salmon Warriors

John Stark Ph.D.Kadi BizyayevaRon GarnerWillie Frank III

Become a Salmon Warrior

Commit to one waterway

Choose a river, a beach, a stream, a watershed. Then dedicate your stewardship to it and learn its connection to our region’s salmon.

Care for your places

Know that everything you use in your yard ends up in the surrounding watersheds, then in the sea. Care for your yard naturally.

Buy local, eat local

Choose locally sourced fish and shellfish to strengthen our water-dependent food systems, economy, communities and ecosystem to make our region healthier and more resilient.

Activate your voice

Support this remarkable place we call home through your vote, your social media connections, your community action. Stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter.

Connect to the Salish Sea

Find a place to walk, swim, paddle, cycle, or just sit and meditate near its waters. Empower yourself through connecting with your ecosystem.

Billy Frank Jr

“We are running out of time…salmon recovery is about all of us. And it is going to take all of us and all we can do to protect our homelands, our salmon, and our lifeways.”
– Billy Frank Jr.

Who We Are

We are the Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition (aka fellow Salmon Warriors) and we are 100% dedicated to protecting salmon in Washington state. The coalition is made up of a diverse group of past, present, and future tribal leaders, environmental scientists, local and state officials, recreational fishermen, attorneys, conservation groups and industry. We believe in and are committed to making progress together on these three fronts:


Habitat Protection and Restoration

Protect all remaining habitat and advocate for restoring degraded habitat and for progressive action on climate change issues in Washington.


Hatchery Production

Value hatcheries for their role in helping maintain salmon populations while we combat habitat degradation and restore habitat.

sea lions on rocks

Pinniped Management

Manage the pinniped population so that predation on both adult and juvenile salmon (and the forage fish they depend on) does not have an out-of-balance effect or impede the recovery of our dwindling salmon populations.

Together the strength of our voices is unstoppable. Please take the next step today and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date and help support specific federal and state legislative policy and budget decisions.

Your awareness and support matters. Especially to our salmon.

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