Billy Frank Jr Salmon Coalition

The Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition identified a need for a powerful media campaign to build understanding and support public engagement that ultimately strengthens the resolve of decision makers. We have partnered with the communications firm C+C to build and develop a solid and sustainable communications campaign to carry the work forward of the Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition.

This clip is a brief sample of our communications campaign development. The commutations campaign will be dedicated to our Salmon Warrior Lorraine Loomis, who founded the Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition. She identified there was a significant need to combine strengths and talents and develop a unified approach to amplify and elevate salmon recovery and habitat restoration efforts.

“We have to work with each other. Our earth is crying. And it’s crying for help,” Billy Frank Jr.

The Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition, by design, includes strong leadership from divergent sectors of salmon management. Our Mission is to: Provide Diverse Leadership to Achieve Salmon Recovery and Preserve Fisheries through Advocacy and Education. The coalition is founded on the principles of and legacy of Billy Frank Jr., who fought his entire life to protect salmon and tribal fishing rights. Some coalition members have been involved in recovery work for decades– and some are new to the issue. The overall focus begins with the teaching of tribal ancestors and is one of restoring and protecting our salmon into the future. The tribal habitat strategy “gw∂dzadad – Teachings of Our Ancestors” represents a new way to lead salmon recovery efforts by focusing overall salmon protection programs and methods to one of “gain” instead of just not losing anymore. This is a seven generation perspective of hope and prosperity. This applies to habitat work, how to operate fish hatcheries, and pinniped (marine mammal) management.

Coalition members represent a variety of interests associated with salmon recovery. State, county, and city elected and appointed officials, sports fishing advocates, commercial fishing business representatives, farmers, forest protection advocates, non profit fisher production entities, regional salmon management leaders, members from academia, and elected Tribal Leaders from around Puget Sound. Coalition members have found that they have far more in common than differences and that their way forward is to work together. The Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition is a return to the cooperation that has always been the key to natural resources management in our region. That’s because people and natural resources are connected. The Coalition believes we are at our best when we all work together for salmon.

Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition


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